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Mounted Map

119 wooden pieces

1 and 1/2 sticker sheets

110 cards


Two player aid cards

ONLINE RESOURCES Final Rulebook 2013

VASSAL Module (1.3)

Game Map

Near-Final Sample Block Labels (Sheet 1 of 2)

Near-Final Cards

Designer's Synopsis of How This Game is Different from Others on Feudal Japan:"Sekigahara is a simple 3-hour block game based on the campaign in 1600 that unified Japan. Hidden information on blocks & cards, but no dice. Cards are not events (this isn't a typical card-driven wargame) but rather motivation (suited by clan). Units fight only when a matching card is produced."

Additional differences:


(1) A lot of game' in 3 hours: many decisions, historical feel. The mechanics are really simple. Feels more like the event in question than most 3-hour wargames. Doesn't bog down.


(2) Elegant graphical design. Japanese kanji and symbology; minimalism in blocks, board and cards. Mark Mahaffey has done amazing work.


(3) Randomization' subordinated to uncertainty. Plays like poker sometimes. You know how strong you'll be in a hypothetical battle, and your opponent knows how strong he/she will be, so you read each others' actions to gauge whether you want to initiate it.


(4) Double game being played: (a) units in position, (b) units motivated enough to fight. Most games would be all about (a) and leave (b) to the dice, but here you know in advance the effectiveness of your troops, by looking at your cards. The game is true to history in this regard (the campaign turned on defections & abstentions). Unit combat performance was too essential to the outcome of this campaign to leave to the dice.


(5) The combat system, with hidden forces and sequential deployments, is novel. Christophe Sancy made a great graphical illustration of a climactic combat sequence.




DESIGNER: Matthew Calkins

MAP & BLOCK ART: Mark Mahaffey

RULES LAYOUT: Neil Randall

PACKAGE ART: Rodger B. MacGowan

PRODUCERS: Andy Lewis, Tony Curtis, Rodger MacGowan, Gene Billingsley & Mark Simonitch

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Code EAN 13 0817054010486
Editeur GMT
Genre Jeux d'Histoire - Wargame
Date de parution 19/01/2017
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