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Create characters, explore the Ninth World, and learn the basic rules of the Numenera roleplaying game with this inexpensive player's guide. It's perfect for getting a taste of the game, having an extra reference on hand at the gaming table, and building new characters. The guide is an easy-to-access resource for anyone playing Numenera and a wonderful introduction and teaching tool for the game.


The Numenera Player's Guide includes:


   All the basic game rules for this fast-paced, story-based tabletop roleplaying game.

   An intuitive, concept-driven character-generation system, with scores of options for building just the character you imagine.

   An overview of the unique and wondrous Ninth World setting.

Code EAN 13 9781939979766
Genre 854-Jeux de Rôles VO
Disponibilité En stock
Date de parution 09/11/2018
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