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A year ago, the famous occultist ?bel Staal decided to sell a very special item he had managed to get his hands on some twenty years ago. He knew, already back then, that the item itself was a dangerous possession, and possibly a death sentence for him. The seller was an old cabbalist in urgent need of money though, and he had to flee from Pfalz. The item was a coin, in fact, one of the mythical silver coins used to pay Judas, and it was said to carry a great secret. This is the adventure revealing that secret. Year of the Lord 1743.


Load your flintlocks, light your lanterns, and step into the crypt: this is LexOccultum! Awarded Game of the Year in Sweden under its previous name G?tterd?mmerung, the roleplaying game of occultism, mysteries, and secret societies in an 18th century setting is here!


This is the twilight of the gods.


Welcome to LexOccultum.

Code EAN13 9789198475920
Genre JEUX DE ROLE - Jeux de rôles VO
Date de parution 16/02/2019
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Description du format Version Papier
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