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Attention Adventurers! The game is afoot, and it just got bigger!


The Giant Book of Battle Mats is a collection of 62 battle mat pages in a large lay flat spiral bound volume, A3 in size per page.


Designed to provide easy access to a variety of environments to be used for encounters.


The spiral binding allows the book to be laid flat and for each two page spread to be used as a single mat.


All designs have a 1" grid either as an overlay or as part of the design.


Pages are laminated so can be drawn upon and wiped clean using wet or dry wipe markers or chalk pens.


Designs are arranged so that they can be used as single pages or as part of a double page spread.


List of designs by page number


   1. Flagstone

   2. Flagstone

   3. Highland Terrain

   4. Highland Terrain

   5. Dead Marsh Track

   6. Dead Marsh

   7. River Bridge

   8. River

   9. Grassy Meadow

   10. Lake Shore

   11. Clearing Campsite

   12. Trail and Stream

   13. Wilderness Ruins

   14. Wilderness Ruins

   15. Autumn Castle Ruins

   16. Autumn Castle Ruins

   17. Lonely Road

   18. Monster Lair

   19. Snowy Pass

   20. Snow Field

   21. Cave

   22. Cave Entrance

   23. Cave Tunnels

   24. Cave Tunnels

   25. Graveyard

   26. Graveyard

   27. Ballroom Staircase

   28. Ballroom

   29. Puzzle Trap Floor

   30. The Pit

   31. Dungeon Tile Floor

   32. Arcane Circle

   33. Dungeon Rooms

   34. Dungeon Rooms

   35. Dungeon Cells

   36. Dungeon Colannade

   37. Throne Room

   38. Throne Room

   39. Lower Dungeon Chamber

   40. Lower Dungeon Rooms

   41. Warehouse

   42. Stockyard

   43. Tavern bar

   44. Wooden Floor

   45. Sewer Pool

   46. Sewers

   47. Town Buildings

   48. Town Buildings

   49. Marketplace

   50. Cobblestones

   51. Winding Alley Rooftops

   52. Winding Alley Rooftops

   53. Sandy Beach

   54. Beach Shoreline

   55. Lava Cave

   56. Lava Cave

   57. The Oasis

   58. Burning Sands

   59. Jungle Ziggurat

   60. Jungle Ziggurat

   61. Blank Grid on Parchment

   62. Blank Grid on Parchment


Size: A3 (11.69 × 16.53 inches)


Pages: 300gsm gloss laminated

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Code EAN 13 9781912803033
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Date de parution 27/05/2020
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Description du format Version Papier
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