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Sarsyn and Joah Trebeth (British)

Untitled, 2009


Sarsyn and Joah Trebeth have long lived and worked together, creating over the years a collection of paintings that they do not offer for sale and do not comment on. The artists refrain from discussing their paintings so that each viewer may experience the works individually, forming their own personal interpretations. And they retain their paintings in the hopes of someday creating a permanent exhibition space for the works. Among their collection are some fifty life-size paintings such as this 2009 image, painted in egg tempera, a medium the artists prefer for its ability to convey detail.


With subjects ranging from fine art, nature, and architecture to humor, the metaphysical, and more, Pomegranate's interlocking jigsaw puzzles combine stunning images, superb color reproduction, and sturdy construction to delight generations of novice and veteran puzzle solvers alike.

Code EAN13 5011921027590
Auteur XXX
Éditeur GW
Genre FIGURINES - JEUX DE FIGURINES - Peintures et accessoires pour figurines
Date de parution 04/10/2012
Support Broché
Description du format Version Papier
Poids 500 g
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